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my name is justin.
I like mangoes, and acoustic or piano covers of mainstream music.
I hate styrofoam.
sometimes i even dress somewhat cute

welcome to the inner workings of my mind

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Christian Schilling by Toby Nguyen

Nick Truelove

wHAT KIND OF LASST NAME IS THAT thats so frickin awesome

Tyler Goodling (and his illustrated royal twin) at BQM Burger Shoppe in Toronto, Ontario.




#i have fallen and i don’t want to get up

 #and then I suddenly start thinking: it must feel really horrible when your body wants to pop a boner but it can’t because you’re paralyzed#and then: god how long must they have had to lie there with Dylan’s hand pressed between their crotches #because filming is really slow and there’s a lot of waiting around between shots #and then there’s continuity #like no Dylan your arm was right down between his legs and your nose was pressed up against his collarbone#the show is a gift #also that shirt totally like rips when he grabs it #shoddy quality costuming eh Macy’s? (x)

#or how many retakes it took to do this #how many times did dylan’s arm  rub against hoechlin’s crotch #until they got the right shot #how many times did hoechlin need to think about everything that’s horrible about the world #just to avoid an embarrassing boner 

#why was that not me

you dont know how many times ive watched this to look for boners
wow everything so blue :o

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