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my name is justin.
I like mangoes, and acoustic or piano covers of mainstream music.
I hate styrofoam.
sometimes i even dress somewhat cute

welcome to the inner workings of my mind

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Backstage Versace Spring Summer 2015

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my roommate was sitting on the ground shirtless and I tried to take a pic for my friend but the flash went off bye

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Noah Teicher by Valentina Quijada

Everybunny’s Gone Surfin’… Surfin’ USA
Thanks, Ariel and bunny Edward! Ariel writes, “He liked [the beach]!  He didn’t venture too far from me but did try to burrow in the sand.”
[On harnesses]

Oh my god
Wtf is right
so much fluff

Lukas Katinas for Frankie Morello S/S 2015 Milan.

I went to a gay club today and my friends wanted me to pick someone to hook up with and I picked out a half Asian twink and it turns out she was a lesbian


Fashion fringe.

ok you look really nice like wow